It articulates a beneficial symbolic wisdom and you can reflection into the matchmaking between matter and you will immaterial

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It articulates a beneficial symbolic wisdom and you can reflection into the matchmaking between matter and you will immaterial

Janet Trierweiler: The brand new unfolding in the performs facts the fresh new durations out of each other graphic and spiritual development. The procedure is started thanks to a series of deliberate measures. This type of measures care for serious desire starting aware feeling, therefore the latest images are not depictions but instead physical signs off spiritual opportunity harnessed thanks to practice and punishment in arena of nature tends to make noticeable as soon as, it’s of many issues and delightful subtleties.

Schalekamp’s unique cultural heritage (Dutch/Indonesian), his outside escapades inside the land, his fondness to possess mechanical products combined with his education once the an singer inform you their broad-spectrum off impact and you can translation

Matthew Lew: Painter, photos, blended mass media musician, Matthew Lew creates unique graphic that’s noted by committed identity with subdued references with the fluidity regarding lifetime. Their diverse looks from really works signifies that artwork was lifetime itself and ultimately results in one’s input the country. Born and you may elevated for the Reno, Las vegas, nevada, Lew done their artwork knowledge into the San Sebastian, Spain and since has actually moved to il.

Whenever you are his cardio try grounded solidly when you look at the Chicago, Lew and has now a beneficial traveler’s spirit. He could be passionate by the has an effect on from the sides around the globe and you will translates them to the a combined media strategy that contains photographer, petroleum, acrylic and you will, some times, unique present from around the world in addition to liquid, wines and you will wine – partnering these points with the his totally new really works. Lew’s multifaceted visual language talks to the ongoing transform which he notices from inside the an ever before-developing modern world. Their diverse body out of functions supporting their religion that art arrives in lot of variations and may be around to.

Matthew was also searched on, ABC’s “Tall Facelift Home Model”, “Grey’s Structure”, FX’s “SexDrugsRockRoll”, Warner Brother’s “Vacation”, HGTV’s “Divine Framework”, BRAVO Tv’s “Interior Cures having Jeff Lewis”, “The real Housewives to the Nyc” and you may CBS’s “The early Tell you

Debt collectors tend to be: Girls Gaga, Halle Berry, Lance Trout and you may Tina Majorino. ” Lew’s ability in addition to reaches ways and you can framework in home issues just like the found in their benefit CB2.

Nora Schneider Interior design offering Doug Frohman on the Display in the Christopher Man at Chicago Deluxe Furniture Middle371 West Ontario Chicago, Illinois 60654

Doug Frohman: Making use of the language off abstraction, could work pulls on an enthusiastic amalgam of minimalism, color-field and you will areas of architecture. I will really works thematically attracting up on several maxims when you are engaging with different material, epidermis and you can templates. As 2007, I turned out-of painting that have brushes to having cement trowels regarding sizes, experimenting commonly with different channels and you can color into wood panels in the place of stretched fabric. The fresh more substantial, wealthier level of painting and its software through the trowels increased my personal choice, suggesting new method of carrying out and “treating” the surface. From precisely-scraped verses revealing the new work’s right back-story and you can superimposed invention to open areas out-of seductively easy, glossy color, the additional form of decorate dealing with and you will the brand new facial skin services started how you can more sophisticated and nuanced configurations. My early in the day three show was dependent within the rectangular. Regarding the series of four sequential panels and squares inside “Conceptual Narratives”, to your boldly-coloured, large mathematical squares of “Equations” into small, private panels regarding “Particles”, the new rectangular as well as combos have stayed a stable from the works.

Phillip Schalekamp is actually an excellent Chicago-dependent singer and commercial creator. He earned an excellent Bachelors regarding Okay Arts throughout the University off this new Art Institute regarding Chicago, during which day the guy founded their present-big date team SPDI. Schalekamp weaves aesthetic factors to your practical creations to attain a level of amaze and unanticipated charm. His work possess an exact yet sagging high quality and you may a built-in sense of depth and you may dimensionality.


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